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Prima Lingua translators are chosen as much for their technical knowledge and expertise, as for their linguistic skill. All our translators have either a degree level qualification in their chosen technical field or, many years’ experience in the industry. This is in addition to a high level linguistic qualification. This combination of technical and linguistic knowledge allows Prima Lingua to offer the highest linguistic quality possible.

All our translators also work within an XML based translation memory system, providing consistency and cost savings. 

Communicate directly with your customers and staff

Prima Lingua Interpretation Services provide on-site interpreters for your global business needs, from small one-on-one business meetings to large-scale events, across a variety of industries. Our interpreters are qualified linguists with industry expertise who will represent you with the highest level of professionalism. 

Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive Interpretation is the oral conversion of the spoken word between two parties who do not share a common language.  Typically, one participant makes a statement or asks a question in their native language, then sequentially, the statement or question is orally converted into the native language of the second participant by the interpreter.

Consecutive Interpretation is ideal for:

• One-on-One Communication and Small Meetings

• Telephone Conversations or Remote Business Meetings

• Health Care Services for Communication Between Patients and Providers

• Escort Interpretation for One-on-One Interpretation (Travel)

• Single or Multiple Days

• Accommodating Formal and Informal Conversation

• Legal Meetings including, Depositions, Hearings and Court Services

Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous Interpretation is oral conversion of language from one speaker to multiple listeners. This process requires high levels of concentration and often requires a team of two or more interpreters to sustain interpretation quality.  

Simultaneous Interpretation is ideal for:

• Conferences

• High Attendance Meetings and Events

• Workshops

• Employee Training


As an additional service Prima Lingua can proof, test and validate any translation you already have. This is completed by the same professionals that provide our translation and can be presented as a full report.

Speak to one of our project team today to see how we can benefit your business.

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